What is the use of plugins: Pros and cons

Plugins have become an inseparable part of software development. It has become an important component of the business and economic structure of the software development companies. Plugins have been a welcome change to software making companies as it gives users the ability to add more functionality to software that they would desire in it. This also helps reduce the disparity between the wide varieties of software available for every different kind of uses. This helps the user make a decision of choosing a software from a pile of dozen without having to forego any additional features that you might have to in any give instance.

Not many software have a decent follow support to their developed software. Most software developers create software and then usually leave the tweaking and patching process in a limbo. Only a few software have the same utility as final cut pro x plugins support. Fcpx is one of the most advanced and powerful video editing software. The flexibility it lends to the user is unparalleled. The most excellent feature of Fcpx is that it has really worked to enhance its plugin support. This helps in enabling many third part companies to pitch in with the software development process. This helps better manage user problems and needs. Sometimes developer support alone may not be sufficient to help provide the best possible support. This helps reduce developer involvement in menial tasks of adding small updates to the software. This also broadens the scope of the software potential and the true extent to which a software can be reworked.

Plugins also help minimize the size of the core software. Instead of adding every single utility into the original software, the developers can strip the software down to the functions that tends to the broader market and add many plugins additionally so they can be installed by the end user as per his own discretion.

Plugins also have their apparent flaws that have marred them from their inception. A major flaw with plugins is, that it opens the possibility of the developers making the software lacking in basic functionality in hopes of adding it in later updates. This is the major cause of a prevailing trend among developers of putting out unfinished software on the market to meet some marketing deadlines and so.

It is also the main reason why developers have started to charge extra costs fir adding in functionality that was supposed to have been available in the software from the beginning.
Because of such as trend, the developers are churning out product after product to endlessly cashing in on the users vulnerability and preferences of the software.

The availability of plugins doesn’t necessarily ensure the stability of the software. Plugins are often known to make the software somewhat bulky and slow, rather than making it better optimized and more functional. This is sincere risk for the user who may purchase the software in hopes of getting more efficiency.

Thus, plugins have both their advantages and disadvantages in their own places depending on how they are exploited or used

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