Keyword Problems

integritylinux keyword problemsAny SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist will tell you that in order to get traffic or visitors to your website, you need to use keywords. Keywords are words or phrases which an SEO specialist can place in articles or other content on your website in order to attract the attention of the Search Engine. Having attracted the search engine’s attention, it should place your website near the top of the results it shows when certain internet searches are made.

This is a good strategy as without the use of keywords in this manner, your website may get placed as the 100th website on the list of results and therefore never be seen. There is today however, a new problem arising from the use of popular keywords and that is that as more and more companies use keywords to boost the number of visitors to their websites, there are more websites plying for the top spot which of course not every site can get. This has encouraged SEO specialists to use a different tactic, one that may be more suited to the smaller business as well as the larger corporations and this is a strategy referred to as Long Tail.

This strategy uses less commonly used keywords but keywords which are more exact to what you are offering. These less common keywords may not get the same traffic to your website as the better known keywords will however, of the visitors it does attract, more may actually become clients instead of just remaining potential clients.

So what are the more common keywords and how can you tell? Today there is software that can determine that for you, software like Long Tail Pro which, like the others, can inform you of how common certain keywords are. Of course, like any other software this will cost you money but not too much and besides, even after a 10 day free trial you may still be able to get a Long Tail Pro discount saving you money even after you have been convinced your money will be well spent. Today it is very important to not only have a website but have a website which attracts customers.

Obviously the more visitors your website received, the more chance there is that some of them will become customers however, visitors are only potential customers and not actual customers. You would not mind therefore getting less visitors if all those visitors became customers and that is the theory on which a so called long tail strategy works on. If you sell Java coffee for example, the popular keyword may be coffee and it could attract many visitors however, if you used the keyword Java coffee, only people in Java coffee would visit your website. In turn means that although all the visitors to the “coffee” site were interested in coffee, only a small percentage may have been interested in Java coffee and so the percentage of visitors your site gets that become customers should be much higher than the “coffee” site.

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