Benefits of a Press Release

integritylinux press releaseIf a press release is published, any business mentioned in that release will or could come to the attention of a great number of potential customers. These press releases though are not something thrown together by one of the news media, they are usually releases sent in by the business mentioned in them. As these press releases could attract so much attention, they should contain truly news worthy items and be well written. There is a set format for press releases and by using this formula you will know that it is fully understood by the contacts the releases are sent to. The formula starts with a heading which should be as snappy as possible, attracting immediate attention. As well as providing the place where the release was first issued and the date and time of that release you should also include a brief description of the release before actually getting to the full release. The full release should be short and to the point without any irrelevant sentences included; perhaps 400 to 500 words in all. The text of the release should be followed with some additional information on the business and finish with any contact details.

Often a business will hire a professional writer to actually write the release and distribution specialist to distribute them. The distribution specialist will already have a database containing the information of where best to send the releases and so all you will have to do is to view send press release to where they recommend are the most likely to use them. These distribution specialists have huge databases full of contacts and so you will want to customize a list from that database to include only those that may have more interest in your business. Your search may be better suited to local media houses only or, alternatively you could just send to media that restrict themselves to certain professions. If wanted though, most of these distribution specialists will have a database that includes international contacts. If you are considering sending photos along with your release, you may be better sending a press kit. A press kit is a folder and that folder contains the press release, plus photos, additional information and your business card.

A good, well presented press release can have untold benefits to any business and so is perhaps worth a little investment of time and money and so hiring professional writers and distributers will see returns to your initial outlay. Just like advertisements, press releases can be released in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio or even on the internet and if you do use a distribution specialist, they should be able to monitor the releases an inform you of who exactly is using them. If you get a good response from your initial press releases, you may want to consider starting your own database for contacts to release future press releases to which would of course, cut out the middle man, the distributer, just keeping the writer.

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